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DreamLight Studio

Friends, in this post we want to introduce you to our studio DreamLight, which is involved in many developments and is the core of our group. ⠀ DreamLight is a production studio that employs specialists in various fields. These are key employees of the group with vast experience and deep expertise in various fields of […]


We had another CG-SREDA. Not everything was included in the recording, but what I’m putting out – very interesting. We have already agreed to continue the dialogue and next time we will solve the question of independent and distributed data storage. Without it, apparently, nowhere… Over the past few years, the term “metaworld” has become […]

A new version AcademiX3D in December 2021!

A new version of the virtual patient platform AcademiX3D (formerly Botkin) will be released in December 2021. AcademiX3D is a 3D interactive application for the study of human diseases and conditions with detailed descriptions of classification, pathogenesis, anamnesis, complaints, examination, symptoms, ways of diagnosis and treatment. Virtual patients, dozens of clinical situations, hundreds of scenarios […]