We are pleased to present you the new update of Academix3D!

What’s new in version 2021.1.2b3:
A very important update:

  • Changed the logo. Happy New Year!

Interface and functionality:

  • Added a run timer for each scenario. Configuring the scenario time is set in the settings of the program. If the user does not have time to complete the scenario, it will terminate with the current result.
  • Added a system of achievements. Now it is much more interesting to pass scenarios! The list of achievements and their progress can be viewed in your personal cabinet in the “Awards” section. Suggest your own options 🙂
  • The default FPS counter is off.
  • Added cursor pointers to links.
  • Added a message when an inactive case is selected.
  • Added a button in the activation form to go to the site if you don’t have a license key.
  • Added links to the Academix3D website to find the information you need.
  • We have changed the double click on object to be smoother and more accurate.
  • Patients now look at the same level as you.
  • The T-key has been added to bring the camera back to its original position.
  • The feedback form now remembers previous data if you send multiple messages at once.


  • “Auto” has been added next to languages that are automatically translated.
  • Only the languages you need are left.
  • Added patient names in other languages.
  • Reports now available in all languages.


  • Corrected incorrect data in clinical cases. We are constantly working on fixing the scenarios and if you have comments or see an error – please email us via the feedback form in the app.

System changes:

  • Added handling of seemingly impossible system errors.
  • In some countries, web services that Academix3D uses were unavailable, preventing normal startup. Fixed.
  • Fixed opening PDF reports in macOS.
  • Limited the camera so you can’t look inside objects.
  • Works are underway to add ICD-11. We will inform you when it is completed.

Try it now!


Hi! We are happy to announce that the new version of Academix3D has received beta status.

What’s new in version 2021.1.2b1:
Patient handling:

  • Added the ability to hide and show the vital signs monitor. You can close it using the button on the monitor or in the patient record.
  • Added mouse/touch help output. To activate the help, press the “H” button on the keyboard or the “Help” label on the screen.
  • Removed unnecessary menu items when interacting with the patient.
  • The cursor changes shape when you move the cursor over an object that you can interact with. At the moment, this object is the patient.
  • Double-click to center the camera on the desired location.
  • We have added movement to the patient’s head. Patients now behave more realistically.


  • Corrected data in clinical cases.

System features:

  • Activation of the app is now easier and more convenient.
  • Corrected the image output on monitors with 16:10 aspect ratio.
  • Updating the program is now always mandatory. If you fail to do so, the program will be closed.
  • We have improved UX and UI. It is now even more comfortable to use the program.
  • We fixed bugs that were preventing us from using the program.

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A new version of the virtual patient platform AcademiX3D (formerly Botkin) will be released in December 2021.

AcademiX3D is a 3D interactive application for the study of human diseases and conditions with detailed descriptions of classification, pathogenesis, anamnesis, complaints, examination, symptoms, ways of diagnosis and treatment.

Virtual patients, dozens of clinical situations, hundreds of scenarios and theoretical courses are waiting for you!

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